Pro-Bono & donations

Julian Hill offers "Donation based" pro-bono notary services at designated locations in Harlem (10026) area. Signers can donate what they want for time and travel, with absolutely no obligations. Feel free to give what you want or give directly to a charity.

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Suggested Charity: NEW YORK WINS. For the betterment of children living in New York through advocacy and empowerment.

About this Charity: NEW YORK WINS provide charitable & educational resources that teach & train the mindset of the younger generation to ENGAGE w/ purpose, ORGANIZE w/ passion, & CONTRIBUTE to the well being of their communities w/out expecting remuneration or reward; while learning all the prerequisites of becoming socially responsible & progressive global citizens. New York Wins' GOAL is to shape New York COMMUNITIES w/ valuable young CITIZENS & collaborate locally to leverage opportunities that EMPOWER our youth to become our future scholars & global leaders.

Suggested Charity: The NextGen program features a series of trainings, including leadership development, legislative action, unit administration, advocacy and program planning consistent with the six NAACP Game Changer areas, which include economic sustainability, education, health, criminal justice, political action and youth engagement.