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Powers and Duties of Notary Public

Notary Public License Law

Notary Public License Law
ยง135. Powers and duties.

Every duly qualified notary public is hereby authorized and empowered within and throughout the State to administer oaths and affirmations, to take affidavits and depositions, to receive and certify acknowledgments or proof of deeds, mortgages and powers of attorney and other instruments in writing; to demand acceptance or payment of foreign and inland bills of exchange, promissory notes and obligations in writing, and to protest the same for non-acceptance or non-payment, as the case may require, and, for NYS Department of State Division of Licensing Services Notary Public License Law / Page 7 use in another jurisdiction, to exercise such other powers and duties as by the laws of nations and according to commercial usage, or by the laws of any other government or country may be exercised and performed by notaries public, provided that when exercising such powers he/she shall set forth the name of such other jurisdiction. A notary public who is an attorney at law regularly admitted to practice in this State may, in his discretion, administer an oath or affirmation to or take the affidavit or acknowledgment of his client in respect of any matter, claim, action or proceeding. For any misconduct by a notary public in the performance of any of his powers such notary public shall be liable to the parties injured for all damages sustained by them.

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Reasonable Care

Quick steps to proper notarization.

1. Every signer should personally appear at signing.

2. Pay attention to the Title, Date, and number of pages when scanning all documents.

3. Look for blank spaces. Use "Not Applicable" or "N/A" or line through blank spaces.

4. Scan for document's date.

5. Make sure that the signer is carefully identified through personal knowledge, federal or state issued ID, or the oath of a personally known credible identifying witness.

6. Be certain that the signer understands and voluntarily signs the documents.

7. Do not give any legal advice.

8. Examine all signatures.

9. Document the notarial act in your Notary Journal.

10. Record the notarial act in your journal before completing the notarial certificate and affixing your seal.

11. Make sure there is notarial wording in the document.

12. Pay attention to details and line through all inapplicable text.

13. Make sure your Signature, Seal, and/ or Embossment is affixed properly.

14. Secure any attached notarial certificates.

15. Safely lock away your seal, embosser, and journal.

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